Concerts of Prayer

Experiencing the Vibrant Church of the City.

OCN believes in the Vibrant Church of the City. We desire to see the community of believers living as the mature body of Christ, exhibiting cooperation and visible unity. Therefore, we desire to empower children of God to gather as the body of Christ to pray and worship together. It’s not about one church body or the other but the One we gather for!
 What is the Throne Room?
It is a concert of prayer experience. The term “concert of prayer” has been around since the mid 1700’s when it was first coined by Jonathan Edwards during the First Great Awakening. Throughout history it has been a call for the local church community to come together in unity and seek revival.
Our purpose is built on the lessons of history; to fully engage our present reality in order to transform the future. Together we foster love, acceptance and forgiveness among the body of Christ as an expression of prayer and worship to our Lord.
 Who is the Throne Room for?
We are children of God; gathering to praise His name and seek His face.
We gather for all believers to come together in unity; regardless of age, race, denomination, or stage of life.
We gather for you to join in the work of the Kingdom; where the Presence of God is experienced.
 What can I expect at the Throne Room?
You can expect space to hear from God and the freedom to respond; a refreshment for the soul and a recharging of your spirit.
You can expect the edification of the body of Christ; where the walls of division are torn down and community is fostered.
You can expect opportunity to participate in an intimate expression of prayer and worship; a time to refocus and turn our attention to the vision of Kingdom come.
 When and Where is the next Throne Room?                                                            
That is up to you! We can come and guide a Throne Room experience at your church or organization at your request! It would be a joy to serve as an encouragement and support to you by creating an experience that best works for you; whether it be for just staff, focused ministry, entire church or organization. The date and time can be determined together. If you are interested or would like more information, please email