Time-Line Questions to Guide Your Story

Supplies Needed: You will need two pieces of blank paper, optional: different color pens/markers.

Begin by thinking about your life, imagine it playing as a movie.
Where is there drama, action, adventure, comedy? Who are the key actors, and what are their most memorable parts? Do you see yourself as the star of your story, or what storyline rises to the top?
In the same way that when you re-watch a movie, you will see things that you missed the first time. Below are 3 activities which will help you display parts of your story. You don’t need to spend countless hours on this as if it is a “final project for a grade”, but it will take about 20 – 30 minutes per activity.

Activity 1

What are the 5 most significant events or life changing things that have occurred in your life?
Name the event/occurrence and write them each down on the paper leaving space around them (write them like the 5 dots on a dice – with space all around). Draw a circle around each one.
Now, draw 4 lines coming out from each circle, on each line you will write the answers to one these 4 questions:
1. What is your age at/during this event?
2. Who (names of people) do you associate with this circumstance?
3. What feelings or thoughts capture your experience during this time of your life?
4. Relist the names (#2) and feeling/thoughts (#3) which remain actively and regularly a part of your life.

Activity 2

Make a timeline or life-line of your life based on the 5 questions below.
Do not attempt to explain your answers, or even try to link the questions.
You can do it however you wish– separate sheets of paper, separate lines, different colors…. I have given my example below (pg. 2).

1. Where have you attended/participated with church? For how long did you attend there? What drew you to that church?

2. Who was investing in your life? Where did you look for guidance and support? Who gave you an example of hope?

3. What are the major crisis’, struggles or hardships you encountered?

4. Where/When did you take a leap of faith? What made this a leap of faith verses an everyday decision?

5. How did you pray? When did you pray? Why did you pray? (You’re looking at the big picture here).

As you look over your time line – feel free to add answers which you missed on the first pass of answers. Mark your additions with an *astrik.

Activity 3

Watch the video “Innoculating a Generation” by Skye Jethani. As you watch this 9 minute video you will learn about different ways humanity engages and has constructed a view of God to fit into their understanding of life. After you watch the video, look back at the previous 2 activities. Think about where you have lived in an “Over”, “Under”, “For” and “From” posture with God. Feel free to write this into your other two activities as it fits.

Zoom Chat – We will connect via Zoom.us.

During this 30 minute time, you will share with me some of your learnings from your 3 activities. This is not to go over the details, just the overview and this will help direct our time together.

Time Line or Life-Line Example

5   UNDER 10  UNDER/FOR 15  FROM/FOR 20      FOR 25 FOR/FROM 30 FOR/OVER 35         today
1.New Life———————————————————————————————

–Vineyard —

Lake Hills————————

Living Faith————————————-

2.              —-Grandmother —–      — Uncles–         —Youth pastor/vol.–


Angela ———————



Amanda G——–


—Randy W–

Don /Mike

Kathleen C  & Linda Mg  ——–

Dick V ————————————————————–

Brad F

Brad F

Judy W———-        —–       ———–

MB, TK, DB—-

Al S————-                  Gary?

Ray W.———-     —-

Michael B. ——-   —

Dallas ———        ——


3.      Divorce       Marriage/Divorce      Marriage——>                          Engagement  Coup      Sis Divorce-Family Break—->        Xmas crisis-

Brothers Cancer————–death            Uncle’s HIV—-Death*          Cousin Suicide           Al Brain bl.

Judy W———-        —–       ———–

Birth of brother



P1 Beyer  P2/3 Doolite/Ginter P4 Pierson    P5 Anderson*

LFF split

K. Arai break*



4.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Angela —-  Michigan/OC

Israel         San Dimas

Promise keepers

work x2/school


$$ support –> River

Life as a leap-$ & people

$$ support –> River

OCN        ATHOE


5.                                                                                                                                                            Prayer – what can I do? Uncle dies

My Children—————-            ­­­­———

D-day on Soccer field

Come forward! Marry now!

God’s prophetic leadings  – ITP – – $$$ — LH $$ — House- Job–

P. Walking  and  Crying out

Inner Healing

Journal/Mountain /2-5 am


Walking & waiting –

Listening———–                —–

NAME_____________________      DATE_______________

Age – 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60

1.     CHURCH                                                        Where have you attended church? For how long did you attend there?

2.     PEOPLE              Who was investing in your life? Where did you look for guidance and support? Who gave you an example of hope?

3.     STRUGGLE or CRISIS                                      What are the major crisis, struggles or hardships you encountered?

4.     LEAP of FAITH                         Where/When did you take a leap of Faith? What made this a leap of faith verses an everyday decision?

5.     PRAYER                                                     How did you pray? When did you pray? Why did you pray? (look big picture here)