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OCN believes that when individuals are expressing their God-given purpose and realizing personal transformation the neighborhood will begin to thrive. Each Impact Zone realizes the truths of the Kingdom and reveals distinct attributes of God’s character and nature. In those realizations we can begin to see our unique purpose for Kingdom impact. Select a zone on the wheel to explore and discover new ways to impact your community for the Kingdom.

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The Kingdom of God is the active rule and reign of God (as it is in Heaven) being displayed and established on earth. Jesus came to the earth, bringing all the Kingdom of Heaven and overcoming all that opposes it. Jesus in turn gave the command to His followers to go to all the earth demonstrating the power and authority of Heaven. A Kingdom Impact Zone is an area or aspect of your life where you have the unique opportunity to demonstrate the power and authority as Jesus commanded.

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An Introduction to The Old Testament Template by Landa Cope

Life Work by Darrow Miller

Secrets to Imitating God by Bill Johnson

The New Parish by Sparks, Soerens, & Friesen