Standing Together 4 Everyone’s Preparedness

Neighborhood Preparedness for Disaster Response

4 Steps to Community Preparedness:
1. Awareness of Risks
2. Assurance of Resources
3. Act & Be Ready
4. Assess & Be Responsible

What is 4STEP?
Standing Together is the primary focus of 4STEP. People can know the benefits of being prepared for an emergency, yet rarely does that motivate us to action. Relationships, on the other hand, are some of the most motivational aspects of our lives. We do not have to wait for a disaster, for households and neighborhoods to stand together. 4STEP leads us to a greater experience of peace and prosperity in the city year around.
4STEP is all about pursuing Houses of Hope and People of Peace to inspire those without hope and peace to know that it is always available. We cannot force anyone to be prepared, but we can take 4 STEPs to shift the culture of neighborliness. We believe this will increase the likelihood that neighborhoods will not succumb to chaos and despair during unexpected disaster.

What is the goal of 4STEP?
Equip over 10,000 households to be prepared to know what to do in the first 3 minutes and for up to 3 months after a disaster.

What are Houses of Hope?
A House of Hope is a house filled with resources for its local neighborhood. These House of Hope will have both tangible supplies and resources as well as be places where the neighborhood can identify hope.

Who are Persons of Peace?
Individuals who rally their local neighborhood to be aware, prepared and resourced. Persons of Peace pride themselves on knowing the names and needs of people in their neighborhood.

What is the Process towards Preparedness?
OCN is creating a core team of community leaders who are committed to the cause of emergency preparedness and community transformation.
The core team along with the collaboration of city leadership, the Sheriff department, CERT, fire department, churches and other local non-profits will be resourcing and training Houses of Hope and Persons of Peace. We hope to see a decentralized movement of 4STEP teams, who organize bi-monthly meetings for training and fostering community in their neighborhoods.

How can I support this effort?
OCN is looking for individuals who want to invest in 4STEP with their time and financial donations. If you are interested in being on the core team, a House of Hope or a Person of Peace, please contact Casey Cox at (909) 731-8300 or
One start-up cost of the project is for those who will be going door-to-door with a simple survey and offering a “power outage” flashlight for each home’s participation. Each flashlight will cost $10.
To support this initiative financially, you can make a donation online at our DONATE page. Please indicate in the comment box that your donation is for Emergency Preparedness (4STEP).