OCN longs to see Healthy Individuals, Youth & Families in our community! It’s why we are hosting the NEXT STEP SERIES events. These events are aimed to increase your awareness of various topics, provide you resources, build your confidence in that area of life, get you connected with those in our community that can help you and take action. Each event will provide you your next steps to various areas of personal health.

Our upcoming Next Step event will be “Stepping into a Healthy Mindset” on Wednesday, October 16th from 6:00-8:00 PM at the office of Prominence Business & Wealth Mgt.- 620 W. Route 66, Suite 200 in Glendora.

Did you know that what you tell yourself matters? The power of your mind controls your next step. This event is going to offer 3 unique experiences for you to engage mindfulness and to start telling yourself a different story. These experiences will be simple, tangible and repeatable for you to take on a new practice which will impact your business, relationships and every aspect of your life.

Register HERE for this event.