Ready. Fire. Aim.

Acknowledge moments of fear, anxiety & pain.
Heal from lies, brokenness, & wounds.
Restore your values, identity & purpose.
Kingdom movements of love, victory & abundance.

What is AHRK? (pronounced arc & ark)
AHRK stands for Acknowledge, Heal, Restore & Kingdom. We believe these words describe the journey each of us takes to discover the fullness of our contribution to this world. While some people never stop to ask, “What is my purpose?,” still fewer move beyond to choosing to pursue a life filled with love, victory and abundance. AHRK empowers each of us to choose the moment we are in to create the movement we desire!
The “arc” path, does not move in straight line, rather like the arc of a rainbow, it emerges as the many parts become whole and light reveals new beauty.The first rainbow celebrated the fulfilled purpose of the ark.
Welcome to the journey where the destination is the process!
Who is AHRK for?
AHRK draws to light what many take for granted. The path to success is filled with lessons learned, which we often call “failure”. AHRK overcomes all fear of failure and is for any who seek success in their lives. Are you willing to focus on the easy and simple choices every day, rather than on the big ones that overwhelm? If so – AHRK is for you! One of the key successes in life is understanding our identity and living into our purpose, this is shown in our everyday choices. 

What choices shall I begin to make?
Below are key choices that “ready your body”, “fire your mind” and “aim your heart”. Often the big mistake we make is not making a choice at all. It’s why we encourage you to: Ready. Fire. Aim! This process of making a choice and learning from it, is what will increase your awareness of your identity and purpose. Therefore, make a choice each day, acting on your desire to see positive change.

Each key choice link below will provide you with 3 options to choose from- do one, two or all three of the options provided. It’s your choice!

How can I engage community around AHRK?
As you make the above choices and experience movement, we invite you to share your story with others through this simple google form.

To receive printed AHRK choice cards and begin using AHRK, email Casey at