Living Loved & Loving Life

Our vision is to see God’s Kingdom come and God’s Will be done in our community as it is in heaven. What does that even look like? OCN believes it begins with each one of us uniquely expressing the Kingdom of God. Regardless of our upbringing or status, we individually have a distinct purpose to live out. As we learn to embrace our God-given purpose and gifts our community will begin to look like the Kingdom Come.

So, we move to call forth a network of people who live loved and love life as an expression of God’s glory, honor and power. Taking steps towards transformation to look like the Kingdom of God here on earth and visibly displaying Thriving Neighborhoods, Healthy Individuals, Youth & Families and a Vibrant Church of the City.  Click on each to see how you can get involved and begin expressing the Kingdom in the community today.

We Are The Network

We are incarnational.

All we are and do is because of Jesus Christ. We want to call forth a network that lives like Jesus did on earth. The love of Christ propels us to be a network that lives loved and loves life.

We are relational.

We are a people of faith, believing in the power of Love. We want to call forth a network that loves one another as the visible unified body of Christ.

We are transformational.

We believe in holistic transformation for each individual and for our community as a whole. We want to call forth a network that moves towards transformation of the heart, soul, mind and strength.

We are transactional.

We believe that we need to honor God with how we labor in the Kingdom. Each of our unique purposes positioned together with those of others is a powerful and honorable expression of the Kingdom. We want to call forth a network that collaborates together for the good of the community and the honor of our King.