Jim J. Adams, Ed.D.

JimJim J. Adams, Ed.D.
Life Pacific College

As an LPC alum and credentialed Foursquare minister since 1977, Jim J. Adams is passionate about developing leaders in a global context. He has served in ministry, teaching and leadership positions for over 35 years, and his past experience runs the gamut from superintendent and CEO of Western Christian Schools to Vice President and COO at Life Pacific College. He has extensive experience as a consultant for various organizations, schools and universities. Jim earned an Ed.D. from the University of Southern California. His research and writing interests include international education and leadership, Foursquare doctrine, and developing effective leadership in the K–12 and higher education sectors. Jim’s current professional memberships include the Foursquare Doctrine Committee, the Foursquare Scholar’s Fellowship and the American Educational Research Association. He is actively involved at his home church, NewLife Community Church in Pomona, serving as a volunteer youth leader and on the church council. Jim and his wife, Lori, have two adult daughters.

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