Jeannette Page

JeannetteJeannette Page
Festival of Arts

Jeanette Page began volunteering for the Festival of Arts in the 1980s and remains a dedicated board member and chairwoman who spearheaded both Spring and Fall art exhibitions for several years. She first began volunteering as a decent for the Festival’s opening night then traded her position to work as a cashier. Eventually, Jeanette began filling in for various positions until she was asked to chair the shows. Jeanette states “It has been my privilege to work with the Festival committee and board members over the years as well as our City employees. The collective knowledge and talent in this group is amazing and I have a lot of respect for them.”

Jeanette believes that art is an essential part of life. She reminds us that no matter where you look in nature there is color, texture, light and shapes that “dazzle the eye and intrigue the mind.” She is also concerned that art programs in schools are continually being discontinued. “There are so many studies that positively state science and math are more easily learned when children are exposed to the arts.” Jeanette goes on to say, “The arts teach us to knit our analytical and creative sides into a functioning whole. Isn’t that enough reason to keep and promote the arts? “

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