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“Meals on Wheels” Celebrates Its 13th Anniversary Ditty Cruz is 2016 “Volunteer of the Year” The La Verne/San Dimas Meals on Wheels honors our Volunteers each July, and celebrates with pride one more year of serving meals to our two cities. This year marks the 13th year that our Volunteers have delivered hot-lunches 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, to residents of La Verne and San Dimas who are housebound or unable to prepare meals for themselves. The highlight of this celebration each year is naming the Meals on Wheels “Volunteer of the Year.” Ditty Cruz has been a Volunteer for this nonprofit organization for 6 years. She was honored this year because of her outstanding work as our Volunteer Coordinator. This job entails interviewing prospective Volunteers, training them and scheduling them to a particular route where they will deliver meals to our recipients. Ditty’s “real name” is Rosemarie. So where did the name “Ditty” come from? Well, it seems that her Dad told her she did not come to them from the stork, but rather in his Ditty Bag. (Her dad was in the Navy, and his Ditty bag was the bag for his shaving things.) And so, that name has stuck most of her life. She was born in Williams Arizona, the gateway to the Grand Canyon. She was raised in Flagstaff AZ and moved to California when she got married in 1958. She has three children, and now has six grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Ditty worked as a Project Manager for Construction Companies for 50 years. After she retired she was recruited to MOW (Meals on Wheels) by her neighbor Pat, who had been a Volunteer for many years. Ditty has found a great deal of self-satisfaction in helping people in need, and getting to train others who enjoy this same kind of satisfaction. Her hobbies, other than MOW, include reading, painting in adult coloring books, and exercising. She has enjoyed trips to Hawaii, Cancun, and Acapulco Mexico.

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